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Lovin’ Luxembourg

It certainly wasn't easy for Polo Club Luxembourg Offciel to put on their 7th Polo International Tournament in these difficult times but the effort was definitely worth it. A well-disciplined crowd complied with Covid19 regulations and the health concept conceived by the club to be admitted to the hospitality area, and enjoy a two day polo event - relaxing on deck chairs placed behind the safety line and showing their appreciation by cheering their teams on.


On Saturday 12th September the hospitality area was dominated by a huge crowd of guests from Argentina, as this day saw a Round Robin tournament played for the prestigious Copa Embajada Argentina. The constant changes of teams on the field and players in those teams kept both the crowd and the commentator on their toes. It was, however, Vauban who came in as winners of the day. Beto Farias +3 organized his family team of Kristina, Tim and their young son 13 year old Nicki Wiedelmann well, setting up Nicki as his danger-man at Nr 1. With his father, Tim, getting in his backhands and converting a penalty, Nicki felt confident enough to take the ball forward and with the support of both his mother and Beto could play a decisive role in this team’s win.

The trophy was presented to Vauban by the representative of the Argentine Embassy, Minister Mangiarotti. DJ Raúl Martinez of Mondays Off Events upped his spicy sound and the late summer evening was backdrop to a Latin Fiesta.


Caterer Café des Tramways had opened for an early lunch on Sunday 13th as the crowd started to arrive. They were greeted by a local band playing some old favourites. Flags of the nations represented in the matches were fluttering in a slow midday breeze beside exquisite cars exhibited by Lamborghini, Bentley, and Porsche.

In the first game of the afternoon between The Agency and Sotheby’s, it was Sotheby’s who came in as the winners with Aurelie Molitor crowned as Most Valuable Player later in the afternoon. In this team too, Ben Dew was great value as -1 with strong backhands in defence.

Bentley vs Renaud Belouis was a tight game with Jonathan Feldbrugge of Bentley on Calabria giving his own private fan club reason to cheer as he pushed the ball forward time and time again. Nacho Silvestre on Metal, a splendid iron-grey pony, and playing also for Bentley, was impressive but out-manoeuvred by the Nr 4 for Renaud Belouis, Justo Imaz +3. He was able to use his team effectively setting up Paule Bieren -2 to put the pressure on in the attack and bringing his team in as winners of the subsidiary final.

We had come to the final where our host, Erick Lauro -2, was playing with his 13 year old daughter, Paloma, -1. Polo Trainer and Manager, Pablo Casero, +2 had the responsibility of organising his team. He was aided in defence by Peter Herrig -2 with Cindy Hite sharing a position with Erick.

However, the opposition was the family team from Frankfurt, Vauban, and Nicki Wiedelmann quickly made his mark by putting in a goal within the first seconds of the first chukker. Pablo Casero pulled out all the stops and fought hard, setting up Paloma for runs to goal so that the game remained close until the 4th chukker. This chukker, however, was the turning point. Beto Farias was able to show that he knew his team and their abilities well, using this to great advantage and bringing in Vauban as winners yet again with a score of 7 to 3. As the last rays of the September sun bounced off the polo field and the dust settled, the teams were called forward to receive a mass of gifts and prizes. Vauban lifted the Ambassadors Cup high and someone popped the champagne causing a happy chaos for the photographers (swipe to see!)

You can't help but love Luxembourg. A wonderfully friendly tournament with a very special spectator crowd.

Thank you Polo Club Luxembourg Officiel

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