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Like good wine - it just keeps getting better!

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Well, the Ladies International @ just gets better and better! This year was the 20th time that seven all-female teams pitched their wits against each other in two separate leagues.

The low goal has certainly gone up a notch or two! Newbees to tournament like Kathrin Gralla and Olivia Mercer cut their teeth with our more experienced players to name a few Sammy Joe Strub and Belen Podesta showing them the ropes and keeping the games flowing.

High goal action was a blast! Lia Salvo (+9 Ladies Handicap) ripped up the field and captained the Kawamoto sisters, Leah and Runa and Pauline Schaer to bring home the win for sponsors Villa Honegg. Lia's diminutive figure packs a huge presence on the field and is inspirational to see.

Team Hato provided battling competition with Rebecca Walters from the UK +6 giving us a master class in ball and pony control and supplying her team mates Brit Kayley Smith and our hostess Morgan van Overbroek with passes in attack, while Irene Graeff took charge in defence.

The round robin tournament meant that both also played against Anne Meier and Susanne Jahn, out riding for new team sponsor Katarzyna, with their big hitting 6+ Manu Gimenez. Manu and Polina Nazarova made an impressive combination with heavy ride-offs and dynamic bursts of speed.

Well done ladies, and well done to the ponies - a credit to both owners and grooms.

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