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Blue stripes and Red Lions......Luxembourg

As a commentator I'm always saying what a splendid family game polo is. And as if a prime example of this was needed, it was the tournament at Roude Léiw Polo Club in Luxembourg 1 - 2 July. David and Luis Reuther were playing their first tournament. The brothers had been riding cross-country competitions for quite a few years but had just recently caught the polo virus. Annabell and her sister, Paulina Kreiter, were ripping it up on the field for Team BR Invest. Alexander Ludorf played at Nr 3 for Team Edmond Wirth with his wife, Clothilde, playing at 2, and both the Darroux and Riemann families were well represented. Svetlana Silvane and Sergei shared positions with their friends Simon and Laurent. Svetlana brought out a group of young future players riding ponies that would play in the finals as an example of just how manageable and family-friendly a polo pony can be. So just looking at the program it was obvious that this tournament was all about fun, family and friends.


Wibke Albrecht was setting up her equestrian art exhibition in the hospitality tent while Kalle decided to open the Gin Bar early on the Saturday afternoon. A good move as the games were postponed due to rain. Starting at 4pm we had six teams playing 2 separate Round Robins or American Tournaments to give us the results for Sunday. The games were an entertaining start to a great weekend and merged seamlessly into the White Night Party held at the tent with players, family and friends.


The finals started at 11:30 on the Sunday morning with fine weather and a cool breeze. Perfect. The games were absorbing and the crowd enjoyed Roude Léiw Polo Club's hospitality. BR Invest was unable to capitalize on their handicap advantage and lost out to Team Edmond Wirth with their well-positioned team play.

The second game between CSM Securities and Chronos Investment Advisory had Colm Smith getting in some well placed backhands in defense, but Chronos proved to be a much greater threat threat than was expected. Daniel Hauss coped well with the constant changes in his team and could set up Tabea Golden for some classic runs.

And the winner is..

The final between The Real Est8/ and Qubic

was the crowd pleaser, with Qubic's fans out in full force and voice. However Bert van Deynze for The Real Est8/ was on great form and Alberto Bargas superbly on target with his penalties. So, despite some spectacular play from Romain Darroux, it was The Real Est8/ that was able to lift the silver at the end of the day.


The Real Est8/

Cindy Hite/Pablo

Jessica Quig / Sandra Heinma

Bert van Deynze

Alberto Bargas


Laurent Recouvreur/Simona Vaitiekute

Svetlana Silvane/Sergei Bocharnikov

Jérome Darroux

Romain Darroux

Photo credit Roude Léiw Polo Club

Chronos Investment Advisory

Luis Reuther/Jan Lohmann.

David Reuther

Tabea Nolden

Daniel Hauss

CSM Securities.

Max Mailliet

Colm Smith

Philippe Darroux

Wilhelm 11

Edmond Wirth

Heiner Hartwich

Clothilde Ludorf

Alexander Ludorf

Emmanuel Lopez

BR Invest.

Didda Reimann

Paulina Kreiter

Annabell Kreiter

Rainer Reimann

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Jul 05, 2023

When it's all said and done, it is the little pleasures of spending time with family and friends that make life worth living. Thanks for shining a light on families that bond through sports. In this case polo but it applies to many other sports too. Pity about BR Invest's inability to get value from its handicap advantage. Polo is a game of upsets.

Jul 06, 2023
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