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A quick word with.....Thom Bell

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It was not easy to catch Thom for a chat. He's the engine room behind the Kinross Polo Club and Polo Manager at the Dundee-Perth polo ground where this autumn tournament was taking place. He was playing, organizing and commentating. A man for all seasons.

When and how did you get into polo, Thom?

Well , I came to Perth in the mid 1990s and had started out hunting, when someone at Dundee-Perth polo suggested I try my hand at the game. I started playing Wednesday night chukkers at Scone in 1999 and have been hooked ever since. By 2001 I was playing some really nice polo and discovered my target was to try to raise the level of polo in Scotland. So I got myself the instructor's certificate and started teaching polo at universities, schools and clubs.

What's your favorite tournament?

Oh that's such a difficult question as I've played all over the world. But certainly playing at Newport, Rhode Island was a highlight. And elephant polo in Thailand! The polo's not great, but riding elephants is super fun.

Now I just enjoy seeing students of mine doing well. I was fortunate to receive "Coach of the Year" award for Sterling University which boasts a number of Olympic coaches on their coaching team. Quite an honor.

Thom, what are your plans for the future?

It's always a delight to be around polo, playing, coaching, commentating, trying out horses - all of it. But my aim is to make Scottish polo better, bring on young players, raise the level and have fun. Our new arena, which we can use in the winter months, has helped bring more young people into the game. We're raising the profile of Scottish polo.

Can you give me three words to describe polo for you?

Exciting, tactical, fun

Thank you for your time, Thom.

My pleasure, Jan.

And he was off...a man with a mission!

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11 de mar.

Love when he says that his greatest satisfaction is seeing his students doing well.

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