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A quick word with.......Vivian Sauter

Handicap:- 0

Vivi was ready to load up her ponies and head back home after winning the Swiss Low Goal 2023 at Polo Bern when I persuaded her to give me 5 minutes.

When and how did you get into polo?

I was wanting to learn Spanish and decided to do this in Argentina back in 2005. I'm a keen rider and so while I was there I hoped to get some riding in. I soon realized the only riding around was polo, and so I took some lessons. Sort of forced into it, but loved it. Getting back to Switzerland, it wasn't until 2010 that my work load permitted me to restart polo and I did that at Polo Park Zürich

In 2013 we started Polo Club Zug, more by coincidence than master-plan. We had our own stables and practice field in Zug. Others soon joined us and suddenly we were a club.

You've just played the Swiss Low Goal, retaining the trophy and making 2 goals yourself. How does this feel?

It's just amazing to have won the trophy for the second year in succession . At the end of the second chukker I thought "Whoops! We might not make it!" But at the start of the third chukker I said to the team "Hey, we can't give this away." We refocused, joined forces and won.

What's your favorite tournament ?

Actually I really enjoy coming to Polo Bern. The field is super and the tournament always enjoyable.

What are your plans for the future, Vivi?

Well, we're moving back to our former location - Hünenberg. This was where we were originally based. Our new field is now under construction and more stabling will be available. So this looks like our future, and it looks good.

Vivi, give me three words that describe polo for you.

Passion, team, adrenaline .

Thank you for your time, Vivi.

My pleasure, Jan.

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