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A quick word with ........the Kreiter Sisters

Annabel and Pauline Kreiter

Handicap:- 0

Polo Club:- Hessen

Now this interview was certainly quick! I had about five minutes before I had to get back on seat to introduce teams and sponsors at the tournament at Roude Leiw Polo Club, and the girls were getting ready for their game against Team qubic. But I really wanted to chat to these two whose pleasant, well-mannered personalities were so noticeable on the field. No shouting, no stick-waving, just dedicated and competent play.

When and how did you get into polo?

It was in 2011 when we were on holiday in Sylt. Dad saw the game and wanted to take it up. We just sort of grew into it and are now a complete polo family.

What's your favorite tournament so far?

We enjoy our own tournament at Polo Club Hessen and of course we love the tournament we're playing right now in Roude Leiw Polo Club, Luxembourg.

Do you like playing together?

Yes. We feel we're good together. Pauline usually plays at position 2 while Annabel plays at position 3 or 4. This seems to work well. We have a good connection and know each other's game well.

So tell me a bit about your favorite pony.

Annabel:- For me it's Storm, because he's fast, knows what I want him to do and just does it.

Pauline:- Shoshoni's my favorite. She's fast too, and has great stops and turns. She's also a bit bigger and I find that great for the ride-offs.

And what are your plans for the future, girls?

The answer came like a shot from a polo!!!

Thank you Annabel and Pauline.

Our pleasure, Jan

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21 ago 2023

Wishing Annabel and Pauline great future success in polo.

Mi piace
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