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A quick word with.........Rosanna Turk

Rosanna and I had plenty to chat about. She had played in the country where I had started and played my most enjoyable polo - Nigeria. In fact we had to focus a bit to get this interview done before she went onto the field to play in the 23rd International Ladies Polo Tournament at Polo Park Zürich.

Handicap:- +1 mixed, +5 Ladies

When and how did you get into polo?

Well, I don't come from a polo playing family, so I started purely by chance at the Pony Club. The game was exciting and tough and I decided this is for me. I was able to continue playing while studying Graphic Design at University, as there was a club just down the road. Then I stared making my own ponies and was able to build up a string. At the same time, I was working in filming and have recently started my own company in order to finance my polo.

Tell me a bit about this company.

It's called Lineup Polo and is a platform which enables club managers to schedule tournaments which then go into the app for all to view. Spectators can find a game near them and the results are there too, of course. The idea is to make the sport more accessible.

Is there any information about players, handicaps etc?

Not yet. That's for the next version.

And when and where in Nigeria did you play?

It was 2019 and I played at Fifth Chukker , just outside of Kaduna. Natalie Allen invited me to play with her, another female player and one male player.

How did you find playing there?

A wondderful experience. The hospitality was so generous and everyone extremely friendly. The ponies were amazing. And of course the spectator crowd was unforgettable. Those spectators know and love polo.

Tell me a bit about your favorite pony.

It would be Bongwee, a gelding that used to play UK High Goal. He gives his all to every game and even now, at 22, he's still amazing. I take him along to tournaments as a spare and perhaps give him half a chukker. He loves it and has a good time.

Give me three words that describe polo for you.

Adventure, connection, spirit.

Thank you for your time, Rosanna.

You're welcome, Jan.

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