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A Quick Word with …...Niklas Steinle

Age 19

Handicap +2

Club Polo Club Landsberg-Ammersee

When and how did you get into polo?

Oh as a small kid! My cousin, Marie-Jeanette and her husband, Heino Ferch, had started, so my Dad decided to have a go. And he got hooked! Back then Landsberg-Ammersee had an active kids' programme with mounted games and kids' chukkers, so I joined in.

What has been your favourite game or tournament so far?

How far back can I go?

As far as you like.

Well for me it was definitely the European Championships 2016 in Berlin, playing with three other young guys, the Crasemann brothers, Casper and Caesar and Heinrich Dumrath. It was just such a super, well organised tournament and the preparation in Mallorca was great. We had a grand time together coming in at third place. Unforgettable!

Tell me about your favourite pony.

That would have to be La Rita, my 12 year old mare. You can play her at any level and she'll rise to the occasion. You can put a child on her and know she'll behave well. My other ponies are all a bit antsy, but she's just sweet. She's become a good friend, through thick and thin.

What are your plans for the next season?

Hmmm. I'm not sure. I'll be starting my studies in October so that comes first. I'll just have to see. I've got nothing definite planned.

Give me three words to describe polo.

Adrenalin, horsemanship, team-spirit

Thank you, Niklas.

You're welcome, Jan.

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