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A quick word with ....... Inocente

Age:- 8

Height:- 1.57

Owned and played by:- Christopher Kiesel

I didn't realize how hard it would be to catch Inocente for an interview after the Swiss Low Goal at Polo Bern When the games ended he was having a well-deserved shower; I mean the temperatures were up in the 30°s.

A bit later he was out in the paddock having a roll, and didn't want to be disturbed. Around 6pm he was in his stable, but it was dinner time and you know never to interrupt a Very Important Pony while he's eating. So it was just before dusk, with the light fading that I caught up with him and could ask him a few questions.

You've just won Best Playing Pony in the Swiss Low Goal. How does that feel?

Oh amazing! It's my first season here in Europe and I really wasn't expecting such an honor. I was pretty pleased with my game and felt I was certainly able to compete with the others as regards speed and agility. But BPP, well that's something else. Of course I should give a bit of credit to Chris, connecting with the ball so well and setting me up to fly. And those ride-offs. I do like a good ride-off.

You're new to Switzerland. How do you like the life here?

Well, the food's amazing - love it. And the training's great. I can feel I'm building up muscle nicely, thanks. The grooms are super and treat me with the care and respect I feel I deserve. I love the view of the mountains. Wasn't what I was expecting at all when I left Argentina. The sand arena here is a good idea. Helps a lot with my fitness program; practicing those stops and turns without a hard or muddy ground to cope with. I'm not so keen on the walker though. It's a bit boring, although I guess it helps me relax. My stable mates are cool and know the place well, giving me the odd tip and information as to what's expected of me. Yes, all in all I like it here, although I hear the winters can be a bit grim.

And Argentina, do you miss it?

Home is always a special place, isn't it? And Argentina with its sounds, smells and spaces will always be special to me. But Switzerland is a good alternative. Everyone seems to speak Spanish here, even Chris. I'm improving my English chatting to people like you and I might even pick up a bit of Swiss German.

So Inocente can you give me three words to describe polo?

Only three? Is ? a word?

No, Inocente. It's a punctuation mark.

Oh, okay. Then it's:-

challening, motivating exhilarating

Thank you for your time, Inocente.

My pleasure, Jan

Photo credit :- Victoria Adams Photography

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1 Comment

Jul 21, 2023

Creative journalism at its finest.

If ever I heard "straight from the horse's mouth" then this is it.


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