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A quick word with.....Eduardo Greghi

Handicap:- 0

Club:- Polo Park Zürich

Eduardo Greghi's enthusiasm for life in general and polo in particular is infectious. He's always positive and a pleasure to chat with. After his team won the Swiss Medium Goal 2023 we managed a short interview between prize-giving, photo shoots and a congratulatory crowd.

How and when did you get into polo, Eduardo?

In 2016 I had my first lesson with Francesco Podesta here in Polo Park Zürich. I still call Francesco my maestro. I had been brought up on a farm in Brazil and had ridden from early childhood, but just cowboy style, you know. Later, living in Switzerland, I was invited to a polo tournament in Zug and loved the game immediately. I then googled to find a club closer to me and found Polo Park Zürich. My first tournament was a low goal affair, the Patrons' Cup.

What tournaments have you been playing in the UK and what's the polo scene like there?

I've just flown back from the UK where I was playing the Royal Windsor Polo Cup and The Queen Mother's Cup, both 15 goals. This is my first season there and I'm now a member of Guards Polo Club in Surrey, which is just splendid.

Polo in the UK is very competitive and of an extremely high standard. Every tournament will have about 20 teams entering and they really invest big time in their organization, professional players and ponies.

Tell me a bit about your favorite pony, Eduardo.

I have wonderful ponies, all from Argentina. 9 are in the UK and 5 are here in Switzerland. My favorite is from La Dolfina in Argentina, Dolfina Ronda - 7 years old, calm, fast, and with a soft mouth.

And what are your plans for the future?

Polo is my mindfulness. I believe that having a passion is extremely important. so polo is for me a chance to rejuvenate and then get the adrenaline running! I want to play lots of polo and improve. I enjoy uniting people, bringing them together through polo....and I want to have fun.

Well, although Eduardo was exhausted after his match on one of the hottest days of the summer his big smile proved that he was having fun. Surrounded by his family and huge fan base, I left him to celebrate.

Thank you for your time, Eduardo.

You're welcome, Jan

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1 commento

02 ago 2023

Good one. Two things struck me. One was that Eduardo played polo for the first time as an adult, a good number of years after he had succeeded in business. The second thing that stood out for me was his link between polo and mindfulness. Ponies really do have that power to reset mind and body to their original calm setting. Thanks for the interview.

Mi piace
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