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A quick word with...........Annabel von Morgenstern

Age 14

Handicap -2

Club Tagmersheim Polo Club

When and how did you get into polo?

I was about 4 years old and already sitting up on the saddle in front of the professional player here in Tagmersheim who was practising his shots. It didn't take long for me to be riding out on the polo field alone, and by the time I was 8 I was out practising polo shots too. My whole family was playing, and I found it fascinating, so I started playing as well.

What has been your favourite game or tournament so far?

That would be my first tournament, the 2017 German Youth Championships held here at our club in Tagmersheim. We came in at first place, so that was wonderful for a first tournament. After that, it would be the tournament we won a bit later at Landsberg-Ammersee Polo Club, when I played with my brother Benedikt and our professionals Segundo Copello and Francisco Rattagan.

Tell me about your favourite pony.

I've got two that are special to me. First of all it must be TeeconLeche. I just feel so secure on this pony because I know her really well. She's not the fastest, but her stops and turns keep me in the game.

I've just started playing Toti seriously this season and I love her because she's fast, agile with great turns. But a special feature is her size. She's small and I can use a 51 stick with her!!

What are your plans for the next season?

I'll have to wait and see if my handicap stays at -2. I'm rather hoping so. I want to play loads of tournaments with my family, and I want to improve my play. In February/March of next year I plan to go to Argentina to Segundo Copello's family farm and work on my game.

Give me three words to describe polo.

Friends, passion, speed

Thank you, Annabel.

You're welcome, Jan

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