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A One Day Affair ...Swiss Low Goal

Was it the extreme weather canceling events all round Europe? Was it other obligations? Was it financial or just reluctance to travel inter-club? Whatever the reason, it seemed a pity that this year's Swiss Low Goal at Polo Bern had only two entries. Because, let's face it, this is our level for most of us, and nothing is more exciting than watching competent low goal players giving it their all. You can feel the intensity and relate to the action. It's not perfect but it's close. And that's the idea. Yes, it's difficult , of course it is, but that's how we improve and learn to play as a team.

The tournament was restricted to one day, 29 June, with winner takes all, as storms were predicted for the following day.

Chris Kiesel had, as always, prepared the field with the perfection he's known for and captained the team for Polo Bern. Polo Club Zug combined with Largovia Polo and fielded a team captained by Janik Örtli. These two were the perfect play-makers, both with strong field presence. Polo Club Zug were last year's winners and Aline Haerry said that while she was now bringing the trophy back, this was only temporary. Zug definitely intended to retake it.

However they were caught daydreaming in the first chukker as Ann-Kathrin Brändle pounded away on Gaviota to open the scoring for a goal for Polo Bern, and Chris drove a 60 yard penalty between the posts giving his team a comfortable lead. But penalties were to be costly for Polo Bern and Janik's competent conversions kept the teams within a goal of each other throughout the game. Aline was set to marking Chris but he was able to break away with quick bursts of speed, shifting momentum and destroying Polo Zug's attack. Janik wrestled with Chris to get control of the game and almost did, coming out on his impressive thoroughbred Mystical. But Polo Bern held their slender lead and gave us a last gasp victory of 61/2 to 6.

Prize-giving was up at the club house, where Empanadas Regalea provided spectators, players and grooms with yummy empanadas and choripan. Dominik Velazquez, the umpire, had chosen Best Playing Pony and Most Valuable Player.

And because it's European Football Championships time we all adjourned to the clubhouse to watch Switzerland defeat Italy. Perfect ending to a perfect day, unless, of course you're Italian!


Polo Bern Ann-Kathrin Brändle, Marcel Lanz Chris Kiesel, Jobst Wagner

Polo Club Zug Aline Haerry, Ursula Bettio Janik Örtli, Stefan Locher

MVP Christopher Kiesel

BPP Mystical played by Janik Örtli and brought over from UK by Janik and Adrian Fuchs

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Jul 03

"It's not perfect but it's close." I like this. I'll be quoting this.

Jul 04
Replying to

Actually taken from a grandchild's t-shirt! Replace "it" with "I"🙄

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