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Professional Polo Commentaries

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My Approach

Who's on the field?

Players and their positions

Polo spectators find themselves on a spectrum from newcomers to the seasoned visitors. To strike a balance between these groups it is essential to explain: the positions, the shots, the rules and the game structure in a way which is both factually accurate and engaging. 
My style of commentary combines extensive experience,  knowledge of the game and a sharp twist of New Zealand humour.


Who are the ponies?

Players and their ponies

Since they are so central to our game, a key element of my approach is thorough research of the playing ponies: origin, age and player-pony relationship.  The relationship between player and pony is one of the crucial elements to game success, and by sharing this with the spectators it provides them with tangible insight into not only the game, but also the player-pony interactions which lead to success.

Who are our sponsors?

Sponsor support for the game

As well as researching the ponies, pre-game preparation includes: pre-tournament research, pre-game interview and repeated, accurate air-time for your sponsors at key points throughout the match.

Post-tournament prize giving speech is also included in the service.

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“The key is not the will to win...everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important"

Bobby Knight

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