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Tagmersheim does Oktoberfest

To be honest, I was surprised to see any spectators at all show up for the Saturday games at Tagmersheim Polo Club Oktoberfest Tournament 9-11th September. Rain was predicted and low dark clouds hung over the field that, in all these years, I'd only seen in brilliant sunshine. Definitely autumn mood. But the Tagmersheim supporters were not to be daunted, and came to cheer their home team in the first game of the afternoon, Van Laack vs Fürstenberg Polo Club . They were treated to a close game with a half goal win to Van Laack with Isabel von Morgenstern, her children Annabel von Morgenstern and Benedikt Jaenecke with Francisco Rattagan. Fürstenberg had the star, Santiago Marambio, who showed his brilliance often enough, but Van Laack were a well balanced team, and, as basically a family team, could connect superbly. Nina Strasser, Andreas Golling and Valentin Ulrich were stretched to stop Van Laack's attack and so lost this game 41/2 - 4.

With Bavaria Polo Club (Patricia Rohde-Deutsch, Lenny Wolf, Anja Gutbrod, Segundo Copello) up next against Sauwild Levante (Daniel Theuerkauf, Mauro Erriquez, Augustin Wagner, Justo Imaz) it looked as if this game would be a close one too. The first two chukkers saw both teams putting goals on the board. But at the end of the second chukker those heavy black clouds broke with a clap of both thunder and lightning. Mark Holmes, the umpire, ordered players off the field. A short break saw the rain pass over. The game continued, but the steam was out of it for Bavaria Polo Club. Justo Imaz made two quick goals and his team, Sauwild Levant, came in victorious with 6 -3 1/2.

Sunday Draws

The first game on Sunday between Bavaria Polo Club and Van Laack was delayed thirty minutes to take advantage of a stiff breeze drying the field and a bit of lukewarm sunshine welcoming the guests. The day gave us two draws, demonstrating just how balanced this competition was. Patricia Rohde-Deutsch opened the day's scoring with a swift goal in the first chukker for Bavaria. Lenny Wolf fought hard for his team but ran into Benedikt's ruthless defense. On point with his penalties, Benedikt was an incredible force for Van Laack and this game drew 2-2.

The final game of the afternoon was between Sauwild Levante and Fürstenberg Polo Club. Sauwild Levante had Coco Juls playing the first three chukkers for the injured Mauro. However Mauro couldn't resist getting out on the field for the last chukker. Santiago Marambio sent his team up the field to take up some incredibly well placed passes, which they did and obtained a 3 -3 draw.

Maths for Mark

As all teams had decided before the tournament on no extra chukker, or penalty shoot out ,Mark Holmes got the result sheets together and did the maths to give us a result for this Oktoberfest Tournament 2022.


Van Laack

Draw for second place:- Sauwild Levante and Fürstenberg Polo Club

Bavaria Polo Club

MVP Andreas Golling

BPP Caprichoso owned and played by Augustin Wagner.

But somehow the tournament results were not as important as the jovial, friendly family atmosphere Tagmersheim Polo Club creates at their tournaments. The Saturday night gave us a taste of Oktoberfest partying with players and guests all turning up in traditional dress. With great food, beer and music, the blue and white tent rocked well into the night. On the Sunday players, officials and spectators lingered long after the prize-giving celebrations were over, enjoying this special weekend.

Thank you Tagmersheim Polo Club!

Thanks too for photos by Sanipics

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