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Cold Play

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

What happened to the Indian Summer we'd been having? This was the question being asked when the sudden drop in temperature had everyone rummaging for winter pullis and wellie boots at the start of the Bavarian Polo Derby 6th - 8th September 2019 at Polo Club Landsberg-Ammersee

My weatherapp said 10° but it was feeling like 6°! Despite the chilly start, the games got off sharply on the Friday.

Every team had a top-gun. Santiago Marambio +6 was there from Vienna for the first time and Landsberg-Ammersee was pleased to greet regulars Patricio Gaynor +4, Rahael Oliveira +3, Segundo Coppello +3 and Francisco Rattagan +3. Leading their teams and calling the play, they could provide the few of us who'd braved the weather, with a fast-paced, spirited polo display.

Sadly, conditions deteriorated over the weekend and the field became the great leveller. Despite impressive combinations between the players and often truly spectacular runs, it became obvious that the teams were struggling.

Heavy rain set in on the Sunday midday finally causing the last game to be stopped at half-time followed by a bedraggled group of players, family, grooms and supporters meeting in the stable block for the prize giving.

Coming in at first place was Team Tagmersheim, with Segundo Coppello, Francisco Rattagan and the very young Annabel von Morgentstern. Isabel von Morgenstern was replaced on the Sunday by Isabel's son, Benedikt Jaenecke. This team was able to keep up their paced attack over the weekend and were a strong presence on the field.

In second place was Team GEWEFA where Bea Pfister shared with Lenny Wolf and battled to support Raphael Oliveira, Matias Legman and Lukas Pfister. Lukas lent a big hand to his team's goal scoring and was given Most Valuable Player title and prize.

Third place went to a team of four friends, Bavaria Polo Club, a spirited combination of Patricio Gaynor, Niklas Steinle, Patricia Rhode-Deutsch and Philipp Saame who put in some forceful runs despite treacherous field conditions.

Team Black, who got off to a good start on the Friday with an impressive number of goals against GEWEFA slipped back and into fourth place by the Sunday. This team was built around the dynamic Santiago Marambio who could count on Polina Nazarova, Helmut Wiese and Susanna Jahn for support.

The final afternoon left everyone longing for hot coffee and hoping for better weather next year in Landsberg-Ammersee.

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