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And they've done it!

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

They did it! It's been 8 years in the planning and now Polo Bern has a set up to really be proud of! Located against a backdrop of the snow-capped Swiss Alps, close to the sweep of the Aare their new premises include, at field level: professionally-laid field, sand arena which can accommodate arena polo, viewing area and paddocks. This is topped, on the slope above, by the elegant, modern and functional club house with its stunning views - best appreciated from its wooden deck...great to lounge on while watching the action or just contemplating the clouds.

The official opening event saw the action kicking off at the 2019 Berner Polo Trophy with four teams battling it out to take home the silver. Suspense filled games between evenly matched teams!

UK umpire Martin kept an expert eye on proceedings with clear, decisive and instructional decisions.

For Team Amag Dario Campos (+2), from Club de Polo Ampurdan, came up from Spain to accompany local players Ann Meier, Markus Oggenfuss and Vivi Sauter. Ann was the undoubtable Amazon Woman with great runs for her team which put them in a good position in the competition.

Team Rugenbrau was made up of Uli Gabrin, son Lorenz and teammate Lukas Leibold, arriving from Germany with local Matador Marcel Lanz blended well as a team.

The dedicated husband and wife duo of Remigus and Beata Dudler formed the backbone of Team UBS with their wingers Gabriel Eckstein and Juan Marenda providing pace to the game only to be beaten in the deciding game by winners Team Eversheds.

Eversheds, with Club manager Chris Kiesel (+2) at the helm, swooped to victory with a run of well-placed goals. Chris was on form scoring well and setting up Janek Oertli who scored 12 earning him the title of Top Goal Scorer. Club President Jobst Wagner was on fire as Nr. 4 powering from defence to attack and Marc Nufer's runs had the crowd cheering.

Best Playing Pony award went to the beautiful Minette, Chris Kiesel's Moroccan-bred mare.

If you haven't been to Polo Bern, you really...

...are missing a trick - check out their remaining events on the website page:

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1 Comment

Aug 14, 2019

Great commentary! It may not be possible, but I wonder if the screen could be split with one half focused commentator and the other on the horses so that the viewer could match the commentary to the action?

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