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A quick word with........Svenja Hölty

The number of women polo players has increased dramatically over the last 15 years and most of the teams at the German Low Goal held at Fürstenberg Polo Club included at least one female player. One of these outstanding young players was Svenja Hölty and I was able to chat with her before her game.

Handicap: +1

Svenja, when and how did you get into polo?

My Dad was a keen polo player and got me on a horse as a baby. Under his guidance I started to stick and ball at around 10 years of age. That was in Berlin, and my sister and I became part of a small group of girls all around the same age. I think there were about 6 of us back then in the 1990s, all keen to progress, practice and play. My Dad was a huge support here.

What tournament has been your favorite so far?

For me it has to be the Ladies Tournament in Polo Club de Chantilly ,Paris. It's held every year in September and, in fact, after this tournament, my sister and I will be traveling there to play. The place is just all about polo with 16, 8, and 4 goal tournaments all happening at the same time. They are all incredibly well organized and the fields are great.

Tell me a bit about your favorite pony.

My 16 year old mare, Cristal, is my favorite. I've been playing her for the last 6 years and, while she has a strong character, she gives everything on the field.

What plans do you have for the future?

Oh, just to keep playing and having fun. I enjoy attending good tournaments and want to keep doing this, if possible. I have one daughter and she's riding now, but isn't into polo yet.

Give me three words that describe polo for you.

Family, fun, competition.

Thank you for your time, Svenja.

You're welcome, Jan.

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