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A quick word with .....Morgan van Overbroek

On a beautiful, sizzling, summer day on the grounds of Polo Park Zurich at the 21st International Ladies Tournament, I had the pleasure of chatting to Morgan seconds after she jumped off her pony, after her first winning game of the tournament.

What is your handicap, Morgan?

Well, I actually have three different handicaps...for Swiss Ladies it's a +2, for International Ladies it's a +1 and for mixed games it's a 0.

When and how did you get into polo?

I had my first lesson 8 years ago with my husband, Sebastian who was looking for another sport having played years of rugby. He suggested I come with him to Polo Park Zurich and I thought it was a nice idea. I had always wanted to have horses but never had the chance before. I got straight into it, hitting the ball the first day and so we immediately booked another lesson. Sebastian started playing almost immediately but I had a few injuries and had to wait two years before I could really take up the game. After a holiday in Argentina, playing polo and buying horses it really took off for both of us. Then one day Sebastian came home and said: "Oh, I've just bought Polo Park Zurich. But don't worry. You just keep on riding and playing. You don't have to do anything". And here I am organising tournaments, obtaining sponsorship, marketing...everything!

What's the significance of this 21st International Ladies Tournament in Zurich?

It's really all about women empowering women. Women's polo is growing all around the world. This tournament gives many women the chance to play their first truly competitive polo. It hasn't been easy this year with Covid19 but I was really pleased that I was able to keep the two professionals, Rebecca Walters and Jeanine Hugo-Menendez, who play in the Medium Goal League. We've established the Women's Medium Goal League to motivate and encourage female players by example. Both Rebecca and Jeanine are super instructors and all the players benefit from this. We hope we are carrying on in the tradition of the late Sunny Hale who was the ultimate trail blazer for women's polo.

Tell me a bit about your favourite pony.

It would have to be my birthday present of this year, Torcacita. The name means Little White Dove and she's six years old. She came across from Argentina this year and is playing so well. I played her in the third chukker today.

Thank you so much for giving me your time, Morgan. All the very best for tomorrow's game.

My pleasure, Jan

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