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A quick word with..........Matias Lecot

I love those intense little video clips of polo that we see on social media. You know the ones, I'm sure. Close-ups of the action, slow motion excerpts of player and pony, spectators, cool drinks in hand, enthralled by the game. And now I've been fortunate enough to meet one man behind this magic. It wasn't easy to get him to stand still for a minute and answer my questions, but I finally caught up with him field-side at Polo Rider Cup in Chantilly, Paris. Let me introduce you to Matias Lecot, Director of Andes Agency .

Matias, you produce those fabulous video clips of the Polo Rider Cup that we've been seeing on social media. How many people do you have working with you and what are their tasks?

Well, first of all, let me be clear, we're two different teams here at the Polo Rider Cup. The other company is doing the live TV and TV Highlights while we are concentrating on the social media content.Here in Chantilly I have six people working with me, two photographers, two film makers, one social media manager and myself as co-ordinator. Apart from that I have four externals who are handling the design and edits. However they're also working on other projects at the same time.

When did you set up your agency?

I started two yers ago in Spain and our first polo was the Iberian Polo Tour in Sotogrande. We started with one camera and a mobile phone. Our main idea was to provide a service which would professionalize our client's communication. Of course giving a special view of the sponsors but also of all who are working for the event, from grooms to professional players, players and members of the organizational team. Our clients are a mixture of big polo teams, clubs or tournaments.

Do you work in other sports?

Oh yes....skiing, kite surfing, golf, mountain-biking. Our work takes us around Europe, mainly to Spain, France and St Moritz in Switzerland.

What's special about working in polo?

It's difficult! It's such an explosive and dynamic sport with this every special component, the horse. Our idea is to focus on this special aspect of the sport but it's not easy. The field's so big and you can easily lose your point of focus. There's so much action on and around the field. Spectators come and go, umpires, horse changes. It makes it hard to transmit this dynamic and the importance of the polo pony. The first time I heard the sound of the horses hooves galloping past in a polo match I though "Wow! What a great sport". Then you see how the players stretch out to get the ball, the incredible athletic ability and strength involved. A beautiful sport in all its aspects.

So are you going to give it a try?

Well, I have thought about it. But despite the fact that my family has a farm in Argentina, I'm not a good rider. I've been watching the new Roda polo. It looks like fun. I'll certainly give that a go.

Thank you for your time, Matias.

My pleasure, Jan.

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