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A quick word with......Marta Gabrin

Marta was resting in the shade with her family after her game in the 22nd Ladies International Polo Tournament at Polo Park Zürich but was ready to give me a little of her time. I had known Marta since her earliest years, always at the side of a polo field while her family members played in various tournaments throughout Germany or Switzerland. I was, therefore, interested to hear when she had started to play herself.

Age: 13

Handicap: -2

When and how did you get into polo, Marta?

I think I must have started to play about three years ago. My family all play, my Mum, Dad and my older brother, so it was pretty obvious that I would take it up. I'd started to ride at about 5, and playing polo was a natural progression.

When did you start to play tournaments?

That was three years ago too. I played my first tournament in the Swiss club Polo Bern. I usually play as part of a family team, and have enjoyed that so far.

Tell me a bit about your favourite pony.

Chicito is definitely my favourite pony. He's 13 and I love to play him because he's always good and extremely steady. I know I can trust him.

Marta, what are your future plans?

To be as good if not better than my brother! He's got a +1 handicap. I haven't been to Argentina yet, but it would be nice to go one day. In the meantime there's school and I want to finish up and study. I'd love to be a vet like my Dad.

Can you give me three words to describe polo?

Fast, exciting, fun.

Thank you, Marta.

You're welcome, Jan


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