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A quick word with........Jobst Wagner

President Polo Bern

Vice-President Swiss Polo Association

Handicap -1

How and when did you get into polo, Jobst?

Well, I'd ridden all my life, but had never considered taking up polo until I heard that there was an opportunity to play here in Bern. That was in 2008 and that was the start. Now I play a typical Nr. 4 position. It seems to suit me best because I like having the overview and seeing the strategy involved in the game.

What has been your favorite tournament so far?

Actually Jan, I really enjoyed the tournaments in your club, Landsberg-Ammersee Polo Club, back in those early days. But I think my most memorable tournament was the Swiss Medium Championships 10 years ago.

Have you played in Argentina?

Yes. I enjoy going to Argentina in the European winter, training and playing there.

Tell me a bit about your favorite pony.

Well, it was Colorada, an Argentinian mare. However she turned 20 recently , so I was really pleased to find a position for her in Gstaad, where she's in gentle work, bringing children to riding. Right now I'm enjoying Lulu, a pony I bought in Argentina last year. Not only is she extremely agile, she has a very comfortable canter which seems to suit the way I play. She makes it easy for me to follow the flow of the game and to hit the ball from her.

Jobst, what are your plans for the future, both for you personally and the club?

I've turned 63 and so my ambitions should really fit accordingly, stay healthy and avoid accidents. I'd certainly like to continue playing polo for a few more years, just having fun and enjoying the ponies.

As to the club, I've been actively involved for 15 years and have been given the opportunity to establish it and it's super facilities. We're now looking for more members and we need more members.

Could you give me three words to describe polo for you?

Fun, passion, extraordinary.

Thank you for your time, Jobst.

You're welcome, Jan

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