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A quick word with…..Erick Lauro

Handicap -2

Club: Polo Club Luxembourg Officiel

Erick was not to be caught up with on the Saturday of the 7th Luxembourg  Polo International but I managed to talk to him briefly on the Sunday morning before the spectators arrived at the field. He would be playing two chukkers in the final later in the afternoon and so had a few minutes for me in between greeting guests and checking on the catering.

1. Erick, when and how did you get into polo?

It was about three years ago. My daughter, Paloma, had got a bit bored with the riding she was doing and decided she’d like to try polo. I said "Fine, I’ll take drive you to the lessons", but she replied "Oh no, Papa you have to take lessons too!". I explained that I’d never ridden and didn't think it was time to start now but you know how daughters are. She just kept on nagging me until I found myself taking polo lessons. I’ve done a lot of sports so I tried to think what sport this was similar to and I came up with skiing. So I stood up in the stirrups and tried to balance as if on the slopes. It was wonderful. I felt like I was 16 again and it changed my life. I love playing this sport with Paloma and supporting her. For myself, I call myself the captain of the 'Diesel' team….playing slow without risk.

2. So, can you tell me a little bit about your favourite pony?

She’s called Chimanga. She’s 6 years old and came from Argentina last year in December. She’s small, fast and turns really quickly. Because I’m close to the ground I feel confident on her and trust her completely. She knows me so well already and works to keep me on her back. Thank you Chimanga.

3.  What plans do you have for the next season?

Well, this year our program was stopped by Covid 19 but next year we hope to have 4-5 tournaments…. 2 small, 2 average and one big tournament.  Pablo Casero, our manager/trainer, is invaluable here with his help.

4. Could you give me three words that describe polo for you, Erick?

For me it's a challenge, a drug, and about sharing.

Thank you for giving me some of your time on this busy morning, Erick.

My pleasure, Jan

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