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A quick word with......Coco Juls

Club:- Munich Polo Center and

Handicap: -1

When and how did you get into polo, Coco?

We owned a stable which we had rented out completely. Two polo ponies were stabled there and we were encouraged to take a ride on them. We were thrilled to discover horses that didn't want to run away with us, buck or shy. Three months later my husband bought five polo ponies. A few months after the first purchase we bought five more ponies and we were hooked. That was back in 2017.

I watched my first tournament in Gut Ising. It was an arena tournament and I asked myself "What is THIS?" Usually you're encouraged to ride carefully around the outskirts of the riding school, but these riders were were all over the place, riding towards each other, pushing each other, chasing the ball. It was amazing but I never dreamt that I would be able to play. We'd had numerous accidents over our former riding career, learning the hard way and I was suffering from a tennis elbow. But a visit to Patrick Maleitzke at Pologestüt Schockemoehle had me taking part, first with a half position. Patrick motivated me to become a polo player. That was in 2018.

So what's been your favorite tournament so far?

Well, naturally the ones I've won, the latest being LaTarde Polo Club Munich tournament this year in July.

Tell me a little bit about your favorite pony, Coco.

Candela is the pony that is my favorite in a game. Actually for stick and ball she's a bit slow and can be lazy. However, in a game she's so easy and makes me feel secure. She's just the right

size for me and is as comfortable as a sofa.

And what would be your plans for the future?

I want to play as long as I can, so that is certainly a plan. It would be great to play 6-8 tournaments next season, but I'd also like to find more time to train and do some polo orientated travel.

And now three words that describe polo for you.

Speed, team-play (which is a novelty for me, having never experienced this in my life before) and the social aspect.

Thank you for your time, Coco.

You're welcome, Jan.

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