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A quick word with.....Camillo Kraus

The last time I saw Camillo he was a cute kid with curly hair and a winning smile. Now, catching hold of him at the Pol Roger Austrian Open Jubilee tournament, I realized he had grown into a tall, charming young polo player, who was kindly prepared to give me a minute of his time for a quick interview.

Age: 19

Handicap: 0

Club: Polo Club Schloss Ebreichsdorf

When and how did you get into polo?

Actually I can't really remember when this was. Esteban Panelo, a former +9 player, was working here in the club as trainer and manager and living on the castle grounds with his family. His sons were my age and we just started hitting a ball around on foot until Esteban put us on ponies, and started to give us lessons. I think I would've been around 5 years old.

Although being left-handed normally, I had to start with my right hand, of course. Being so young, this didn't prove to be any problem. Since starting, I've been lucky enough to get to Argentina quite a few times to play and train. I played my first tournament at 15.

What's been your favorite tournament so far?

Well that all depends on the games and how involved I can be. Sometimes it's more enjoyable to play in amateur tournaments where a lot is demanded of you personally and your contribution is important. This can be more fun than playing with professionals.

Tell me about your favorite pony.

This has to be Augustina. She's beautiful, fast and, at 9 years of age, still young.

What are your plans for the future?

I've started University at University College of London and am studying Computer Science and Management. However, up till now this has all been online, so I'm looking forward to being actually physically present. As to polo, I hope to practice and play a bit in UK and, of course, during the holidays I'll be able to play here in my home club.

Can you give me three words that describe polo for you?

Exciting, dangerous, fast.

Thank you so much for your time, Camillo.

You're welcome, Jan

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