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A good cause....... Fürstenberg Polo

There was something Reto Gaudenzi said during the gala dinner at Fürstenberg Polo Club that has stayed with me. "We have it so good." And isn't that the truth! We've been enjoying a spectacular action-packed polo summer - perfect polo weather, ponies, friends - a blessing we seldom acknowledge. And so it felt both right and fitting that the last tournament of the field polo season was for the Charity Cup at Fürstenberg Polo in Donaueschingen 30th September -1st October . A lot of effort and time had been voluntarily put into this tournament. Kerstin Tritschler donated masses of energy into the organization, while her son, Philipp, as field manager made sure the field was in top condition. Income from various articles and food on sale was donated and even the photographer, Colors_of_polo was donating the income from photo sales to the charity.

The Gala Dinner on the Saturday night was all about the two charities that were to receive 100% of the tournament income - IMSED e.V.with its House Antonius caring for those with multiple sclerosis and Kinderhospiz Sternchnuppenbande. The auction started with lively bidding for the two art works presented by local artists. Then Il Salotto Wines and Resorts got it rocking with a weekend for four in their boutique resort in Tuscany. With dramatic aplomb Reto Gaudenzi then took the floor. This man knows how to work a crowd with his charm and flair offered a VIP weekend for two at

Snow Polo St Moritz January 2024. On this evening alone over €15,000 was raised.

So there was very much a feeling of "we're doing this together " at Fürstenberg Polo with support from both the guests and spectators.

But they also were supporting the polo with a good crowd field-side on the Sunday. I was up on my perch, high above the field with my sound system and a chance to be DJ, a job I've always wanted. There was a cool breeze up there but down on the field the action was hot. This was amateur polo at its best. Everyone on the team had a job to do - no waiting for the pro to slot the goals in, thank you. Six teams were competing with some players coming from across the border in Switzerland.

For Team GEWEFA Marcel Lanz form

Polo Bern had a cracking weekend scoring numerous goals for his team to bring them in as winners of the first game of the day. For

Team Bad Dürrheimer Adrian von Croy (12 years old) was given his first chukker when Andres Volbert stood down for him. A lovely gesture.

Team Il Salotto Resorts were able to use precision passes between Valentin Ulrich and Nina Strasser to zip past Eviva St Moritz, keeping up attacking momentum in Sunday's second game for third place. Remo Berger Nr3 for Eviva St Moritz put on a fast-paced performance, but his shots were blocked or picked up by Il Salotto Resorts who won this game.

The final game was between Fürstenberg Brauerei and Il Salotto Wines with both teams having everything to play for in a thrilling finale. On paper, it looked to me as if Il Salotto Wines might have the edge with two husband and wife combinations of Sandy and Gabriel Eckenstein and Laura and Dominik Velazquez. Using their energy and quality they certainly set out in a determined fashion to win this trophy. But when the pressure's on Chris van Eupen for

Fürstenberg Brauerei seems to deliver, and he delivered at full speed, steering his shots between the defending players to bring his team into first place. His pony, Blue, deservedly won Best Playing Pony.

Prize-giving, a fun affair, a great wrap up for a fabulous weekend. Thank you Fürstenberg Polo


  1. Fürstenberg Brauerei:- Stefan Recknagel/Hannah Meyer, Werner Braun, Chris van Eupen, Jochen Stargardt

  2. Il Salotto Wines:- Sandy Eckenstein, Gabriel Eckenstein, Laura Velazquez, Dominik Velazquez

  3. Il Salotto Resorts:- Coco Juls, Alice Boldis, Nina Strasser, Valentin Ulrich

MVP Gabriel Eckenstein

BPP Happy Blue owned and played by Chris van Eupen

Photo credits Colors_of_polo Tanja Bläschke

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4 comentários

06 de out. de 2023

Obi found exactly the right words. But how was it possible to give a superb live commentary and at the same time record all that was happening. Well done Jan!!

06 de out. de 2023
Respondendo a

Lots of practice and a reasonable memory 😊


04 de out. de 2023

All for a good cause. Who says fun and impact can't mix to reach lives? Here is the evidence.

05 de out. de 2023
Respondendo a

yes a splendid way of getting people to dig deep in their pockets

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